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Flavors &

How to Order


We write it in big letters because it's over 20 years we're baking with love and passion !

For each request we kindly ask you to order at least a week in advance, especially for making figurines and / or decorations that are prepared without the use of CMC (food additive). All of our products are crafted without the use of added preservatives or additives, with always fresh and high quality ingredients. For more information about allergens, please click here or contact us at


Genoise -  light spongecake in vanilla , chocolate or lemon  variations.

Carrot Cake - made with  freshly grated carrots and cinnamon

Fudgecake -  rich  and moist dark chocolate cake 

Red Velvet -  red velvet sponge enhansed with cocoa, cinnamon  and vanilla.

Victoria Sponge cake -  classic moist buttery sponge cake either with vanilla or lemon 

Chiffon cake - very  light and moist cake base.

Sugar Syrup

Our syrup is the classic sugar-water without use of liquor unless specifically requested.

Fruit coulis


Lemon curd

Mixed Wild Berries




Caramel Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Fior di Latte

Lemon Mousse

​Nutella Mousse

Mascarpone Mousse


Chantilly Pastry cream

Chantilly pastry cream with chocolate chips or with fresh fruit 

Chantilly Pastry cream with pistachio nuts

Chantilly (Whipped cream)

*Butter cream flavors: vanilla, chocolate, moka, peanut butter, lemon, strawberry or rasperry (seasonal), Nutella, Oreo.

Chocolate Ganache

If you have another preference just let us know!


Butter cream (see above fillings*)

Chocolate Ganache

Cream Cheese Frosting


Whipped Cream

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