Still using the traditional method our bagels are shaped by hand, boiled in hot water, seasoned to taste and baked in a hot oven.
Toppings include poppy seeds, sesame seed, everything (mixed seeds), garlic, onion and plain. Sweet bagels are made to order and are blueberry, raisin and cinnamon.

Cornetti salati

These puff-pastry triangles have a ham and cheese filling  and are great for dinners and parties.

Flan tricolore

The three colors of this vegetable terrine have the same colors of the italian flag red, white and green: peppers, cheese and spinach. Serve with an herbed extra - vergin olive oil.


Soft sandwich white bread spread with egg -salad, tuna salad or green sauce, then cut into small triangles.


quicheTypical French savory tarte with a egg and cream filling enhansed with vegetables.
Choose between zucchini, bacon, mushroom, leek, or the classical Quiche Lorraine, with bacon and cheese.

Mini hors-d-oeurves

Miniature open faced crostini with different sauces and flavors, salomon, cheese, coldcut.